Call for Artists & Art Groups

Call for Artists & Art Groups

Call for Artists & Art Groups

CALL FOR ARTIST IS CLOSED! Learn everything about the show and buy tickets at:

Seattle: City of the Future

Artist? Technologist? Civic Activist? Interdisciplinary Art Group? We invite you to apply to participate in an immersive art experience exploring our aspirations and fears for the future of Seattle.

Key Dates

Art show: June 3 to June 25, 2023
Submission deadline: Friday, March 24 (with project grants up to $1000)
Opening party: June 3
Closing benefit & Gay Pride party: June 24


The Teal Building
619 E Pine St, Seattle WA 98122
Capitol Hill, Seattle

Seattle: City of the Future; an Art Show at the Teal Building

During the World’s Fair in 1962, Seattle was celebrated as the City of Tomorrow [3], a forward-thinking town with cutting edge innovation and technology. Sixty years laters, Third Place Technologies is pleased to partner with the Tamarind Tree Family and to host an immersive art experience that revisits this concept from todays vantage point.

We invite local artists, technologists, civic activists and interdisciplinary art groups to explore some of the universal questions on the minds of today’s residents and bring them to life in the form of 3D installations and immersive art concepts:

What does an innovative city of the future look like now? What should an aspirational city of the future look like? What do we envision for the city of the future? What do we most fear it becoming?

For this art show, we seek projects in the form of visual art, experiential installation art, new media, sound installations, light art, digital or technological installations, concept art, graffiti or urban art, and so forth. Imagine a labyrinth of art installations over two floors of the Teal Building, where your project could occupy up to a 10×10 space, transform a wall, or provide a multi-sensory experience.

What will your piece of this futuristic labyrinth look like?

We will also consider performing groups (theatrical, music, performance art) for shows on the second floor stage.

Since a key goal is to support local artists, each selected project will a) receive grants up to $1000 based on the scale of the project, b) receive a percent of the ticket sales* and c) be featured in the June Issue of PublicDisplay.ART.

Projects will be selected to participate based on creativity and/or technological innovation. In addition, we seek installations that explore social aspirations and fears – that is, addressing how we as a society achieve our desire for an all-inclusive community, with dignity and opportunities to thrive for all our citizens.

The Organizers 

Third Place Technologies is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides spaces and events to foster interdisciplinary collaboration, community, and life-long learning for artists, creative technologists, and civic activists.

Tam Nguyen and the Tamarind Tree Family are the new owners of the “Teal Building” on 619 E Pine St.  The iconic Teal Building was formerly a hotspot of Capitol Hill nightlife and this Spring we have a unique opportunity to activate the building with an art show that reflects upon Seattle as a city of the future. Learn more at

PublicDiplay.Art is a quarterly arts publication published by OneReel, a 501c3 organization with 50 years of experience serving local artists and audiences. See

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Projects should focus on the City of the Future theme – exploring our aspirations and fears for the future of Seattle.
  2. Work should be original and new, ideally created in the past two years. 
  3. The individual or group’s point of contact must be 18 years of age or older.

Selection Criteria

Our selection committee includes Shelly Farnham (Artist & President of Third Place Technologies), Tam Nguyen (owner of the Teal Building), Genevieve Tremblay (Third Place Technologies Board Member), Jeffrey Larson (Third Place Technologies Board Member), Leslie Bain (Framework Cultural Placemaking), and Marty Griswold ( Projects will be selected to participate based not only on creativity or technological innovation, but also on its implications for social innovation – addressing how we as a society achieve our desire for an all-inclusive community, with dignity and opportunities to thrive for all. Special consideration will be given to artists and art groups based in Capitol Hill, Seattle, and LGBTQ+ or racially diverse art groups.


Submission deadline: Friday, March 24
Notifications of acceptance: Friday March 31
Install art maze infrastructure: May 1 – May 13
Install art over two weeks: May 14 – May 27
Opening party: June 3rd
Show dates: June 3rd to June 25 (open approx 20 hours each week)
Gay Pride & closing party: June 24
Final takedown: June 26 to June 30 

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Submitted work should speak to the theme, City of the Future.
  2. Work should be original and new, ideally created in the past two years.
  3. You must be 18 years of age or older.

Exhibition Details

The exhibition will run for one month, June 3 to June 26, with an opening party on June 3rd. The show will be open Thurs – Sun, 2pm to 7pm, and during special events (TBD). At the end of the show, we will have a Gay Pride and closing party. Selected artists and art groups will receive curatorial direction, communications/PR support, and access to other production resources (through Third Place Technologies and our partner art group Totally Legit, with their Passable makerspace on Capitol Hill, Seattle). Where appropriate we may encourage collaboration with other groups. Artists are responsible for the delivery, installation and deinstallation of their work. Once installed, Third Place Technologies’ insurance will cover the value of the work in the case of damage or theft during the exhibition. Exhibiting artists are welcome (but not required) to sell their work, and no commission will be collected. Audiences will pay a ticket fee to participate in the experience during regular visiting hours, and ticket profits will be split between artist groups and local nonprofit organizations that support youth programming.*

How to Submit

Send an email to by Friday, March 24, 2023 at midnight PT, with the subject title “[your name] — Submission for City of the Future”.  

Please include the following in your email:

  1. Contact information 

               Full Name:
  Phone number:

        Phone number:


  1. About you and/or your art group (up to 6 sentences). Please provide a brief description of your background and your current style of work. Be sure to note if you are based out of Seattle or Capitol Hill, Seattle. For team projects please also describe your team members, including any information that would speak to our desire for diverse participation.
  2. About your prior work. Please either
        a) provide a link to an online portfolio illustrating prior work, and/or
        b) attach up to six images of prior work; images should be similar in style to what you hope to include in the show
  3. Proposed project (up to 8 sentences). Please provide a description of the project you hope to include in our show. Include a) the dimensions of this project; b) how it will be experienced, e.g. as a floor installation, a wall piece, or a performance on the stage; and c) how it is thematic. We have a whole building to fill, so are open to whatever direction you might want to take.  A visual concept image is recommended but not required.  
  4. Project Budget. Please provide an estimate of the costs to implement this project at the Teal Building, which you hope will be covered at least in part by our grants of $200 to $1000 per project. Project costs may include cost of materials and artist time. 

Contact Info and Links

Email: shelly @ thirdplacetechnologies . com (remove spaces)
Submission email:
Questions: email or text Shelly at (206) 226-3586

*Ticket sale profits will be split 50/50 between participating artists (apportioned according to the size of their project/project grant) and our chosen local non-profit groups (Lambert House and GayCity).